org-mode is an amazing feature of Emacs that allows you not only to take notes but also to keep track of tasks and make schedules. With org-agenda, it's easy to view and manage to-do list. However, the current time-stamp format of org-mode does not support time-zone information. This can be inconvenient when trying to schedule meetings across multiple time zones.

Until a built-in support arrives in org-mode, here is an easy way to convert any org-time-stamp from one time-zone to another using tzc. tzc provides two interactive functions to do this:

  • tzc-convert-org-time-stamp-at-mark
  • tzc-convert-and-replace-org-time-stamp-at-mark

The second function tzc-convert-and-replace-org-time-stamp-at-mark is specially useful to select a time-stamp and replace it with the converted time-stamp.

Here is a demo.