Install rbenv

To build jekyll site, we need a ruby environment. To manage a ruby environment for our github-pages project, we can do the following:

  • Clone the rbenv repo: git clone ~/.rbenv/
  • Add to fish shell: echo 'status --is-interactive; and ~/.rbenv/bin/rbenv init - fish | source' >> ~/.config/fish/
  • Install ruby-build: git clone "$(rbenv root)"/plugins/ruby-build
  • Find latest stable ruby version: rbenv install -l
  • Install a ruby version: rbenv install 3.2.2

Activate a local ruby version

Now we can go to our project repository and activate a particular version of ruby rbenv local 3.x.x

Build Jekyll site

  • First we install bundler and jekyll gem install bundler jekyll
  • Install missing gems bundle install Note if you have Gemfile.lock, then move it out of the repository and try again.
  • Now to build the site and serve run bundle exec jekyll serve Open the link in the output to view the website on your browser. In my case there was an error saying webrick is missing. This can be installed using bundle add webrick