Visit AEI, Potsdam and AEI, Hannover

During March 20 to April 20, I visited Prof Harald Pfeiffer and Dr Vijay Varma at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute), Potsdam, Germany. I was mostly working on the implementation of eccentricity definition using gravitational waveform data in a Python package. We hope to publish this package sometime in the coming months. The hope is to use this to measure eccentricity of binary black hole systems from the gravitational waveform data itself. This would rule out the discrepency that might arise due to different internal definition of eccentricity used in different gravitational waveform models.

Currently, I am at AEI, Hannover visiting Prof Frank Ohme's group Binary Merger Observations and Numerical Relativity for a few days

Attend Gravitational Wave and Multimessenger Astronomy Seminar, Bad Honnef, Germany

From here I will go to Bad Honnef to attend WE-Heraeus-Seminar “Gravitational Wave and Multimessenger Astronomy”, Bad Honnef, Germany from April 25 to April 28. I am scheduled to present a poster on my ongoing work on building a surrogate model for hybrid IMR eccentric waveforms using numerical relativity waveforms and effective one body waveforms.