About the package

tzc (short for time zone converter) is an Emacs package for converting a time from one time-zone to another.

  • It supports tzdata database, e.g., America/New_York specifies the time zone and daylight saving time history for locations near New York City. For more details, see the time zone rules as described in the Emacs manual here.
  • A list of all available zones in your system (MacOS (darwin) or Linux (gnu/linux)) is presented for autocompletion. So you can pick one easily.
  • In the unlikely case where a zone is not available in completion, you can add it to the list tzc-favourite-time-zones.


tzc can be installed from source using straight and use-package

(use-package expenses
    :straight (tzc :type git :host github :repo "md-arif-shaikh/tzc"))


  • Favourite time-zones
(setq tzc-favourite-time-zones '("Asia/Kolkata" "America/New_York"))


  • Convert a time between time zones