About the package

Soccer is an Emacs package for getting fixtures, results, standing table for soccer (football) matches inside emacs. Currently it works for

  • Premier League (England)
  • La Liga (Spain)
  • Ligue 1 (France)

But could be easily extended to add other leagues around the world. All data are fetched from scorespro website.


Now available in Melpa. One can also install it using straight and use-package

(use-package soccer
    :straight (soccer :type git :host github :repo "md-arif-shaikh/soccer"))

To get the time and match day converted to your local time configure the following

(setq soccer-time-local-time-utc-offset "+0530")

Common interactive functions

Call these using M-x Function where Function is any of the following functions

Functions Actions
soccer-fixtures-next Fixture for the Next match
soccer-fixtures-next-5 Fixtures of the Next 5 matches
soccer-fixtures-full-in-org Full fixtures saved in org file
soccer-results-last Result of the last match
soccer-results-last-5 Results of the last 5 matches
soccer-results-full-in-org Full list of results in org file
soccer-table Full Ranking table
soccer-table-top-4 Rank table with top 4 teams
soccer-table-bottom-4 Rank table with bottom 4 teams